The CCM Mission

The overall purpose of Chinese Children’s Ministry is to reach Chinese boys and girls with the Gospel of Christ.  We want to see them come to know the Lord Jesus personally and to share that knowledge with everyone in their circle of influence, whether that is their friends, their parents, or relatives.

Knowing the importance of our task, CCM sends missionaries to:

  • Church Events,
  • Retreats,
  • Seminars,
  • Camps,
  • Rallies, and
  • Homes.

It is our mission to teach and prepare the children as best as possible in such a short time to have the ‘right heart’ and the ‘right tools’ to love God.  Included in the Memory Verse Activity Book is an invitation to join the Mailbox Club.

mailbox_Club_logoThis is a FREE, home-delivered Bible study.  It is completely age-appropriate and the process is fun and simple.

The children are sent a Mailbox Club issue that they read, with the parents help for the younger ones. Then they answer the questions and send it back to the Mailbox Club teacher to be Working on Mailbox Club Lesson‘graded’.  They will get a certificate of completion when done with their age level and then will receive the next age level issue to begin again with more challenging studies.



Another outreach example of the Ministry during the summer months sends Summer cmmMarApr3Missionary Interns to Christians’ homes to teach Neighborhood Summer Bible Clubs or NSBCs.

Whether 1 child or 100 children, every child is given the opportunity to receive Jesus and given a challenge to serve God every day. CCM makes sure that every child has fun while hearing the Gospel and learning the Bible so that he or she can live a life pleasing to God.

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